Roy H. Schnauss M.D.

Roy H. Schnauss III

The Schnauss family has strong roots in Jacksonville. Roy H. Schnauss, M.D., the owner and operator retired from his medical practice of Ophthalmology and decided to pursue his love of gardening and plants. He is the brain child behind the nursery and his love of plants shows.

With all our experience we know we have the answers to all your gardening questions and we can help you find exactly what you are searching for!

Angel Trumpet Farms is open all year. Our busiest season kicks off in March. Fall brings in the cooler temperatures for fall planting. November and December are filled with helping customers find the perfect gifts for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

But in between the busy spells we’re all still here taking care of nursery stock and making sure we’re ready for the next season.

And as we’ve done since 2010, we’re answering our busy telephone to solve the next plant or lawn problem for the many Jacksonville gardeners who have come to depend on our advice.

We hope you’ll stop in to see us soon.


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